Questions & Answers

I withdraw my capital before the term of the investment module purchased?

You will be penalized with 60% of the capital in the account at that time.

Is the cost of the contract paid each time you make a renewal?

Yes, this cost is paid annually.

Can the contribution be withdrawn only at the end of the contract?

Yes, unless you decide to pay the penalty for cancelling the contract.

Do the new contributions remain in a separate contract?

No, they are closed contracts. The contributions or compoundings that you make accumulate in the same contract to give you a higher return the following month and will be settled at the end of the contract to which they were added.

When are Arbistar Club earnings collected?

Profits are collected every first of the month and in the case of commissions for referrals on the 10th of each month.

I want to charge or make compound interest, how can I notify the company?

Five days prior to the month you must let us know if you want to make compounding or charge it to your wallet.

What kind of contract is signed at the Club?

It is a digital Smart Contract within the parameters of Legaltech, registered in the blockchain.

Why is it required to win from the friend plan to be in a higher module or the same as my network?

Because we think it is unfair that someone from your network who commits more than you, should be paid from it.

What are the variables of the prosperity bonus so that we can charge the maximum established?

This variable depends on the profitability achieved in the corporation's companies. There will be months that will be earned and months that will not. When you get paid it can be a % within the range of your module.

If I am in a module and before the end of the contract of that module, I want to make a change to a higher module, can I?

No, you can't until your module's contract ends. You can open another investment module but of a dierent category. You can always have an account in each module but you can't change it.

Do I need to have Arbistar 2.0 software to earn from the Friend Plan in the Arbistar Club?

No, in the club you do not need to buy software to earn from referrals.