The reason for creating the Arbistar Club is mainly to build up the loyalty of our longstanding clients and to give corporate and institutional accounts the option to participate with us by earning a fixed monthly percentage and sometimes a variable one thanks to the benefit of ALL ARBICORP products and services (prosperity bonus).

  • There are investment modules detailed in an attached quadrant.
  • All modules must be respected in time and form.
  • Failure to comply with the established deadlines carries a 60% penalty on the total capital of the account at that time.
  • Each client can participate in several modules but never the same one twice.
  • All contributions made during the month will be entered into the system on the 1st of the following month. The withdrawals of monthly earnings must be communicated before the 25th of the month to be paid on the 1st day. In case of not communicating it will be understood that compound interest will be made as long as the limit according to the module contracted allows it.
  • Each module can be reinvested until the maximum amount allowed is obtained. When a reinvestment is made, it is established within the LegalTech contract and does not have to comply with the period established in the module (for example, in a 60 month Elite module a reinvestment in month 56 will count as 4 months).
  • When the LegalTech contract expires, the customer will be refunded the full amount in his account, i.e. the initial contribution plus any reinvestments made.